The One True Prince

When I was a mere child, my parents did not allow me to watch MTV for fear of me growing up into a tattooed/pierced weirdo-adult thing (jokes on you dad!) so instead, I was subjected to my father’s taste in music. His style ranged from Elvis (the one true King) to The Eagles (Witchy Woman is my fave hit) to Patsy Cline all the way back to Prince. Anytime we were in a vehicle somewhere, the radio wouldn’t be set to todays hits, instead it would be on classic soft rock or 80s pop music and country music thrown intermittently in to keep things fresh. Heck, even just being at the house, hanging out, my dad would blast his ancient stereo system and sing along to every song that played. Because of that, I love music.

From the time my eyeballs open in the morning to the time my eyeballs close for the night, I am trying to always listen to something. Heck, even my alarm in the morning is some song playing to wake me up. I listen to Fall Out Boy, Better Than Ezra, Patsy, Stevie Wonder and Prince while getting ready for work, driving to work and obviously being at work. I am the type of person who has to have some sort of music playing or else I will not do anything. It keeps me energized. It alleviates tension, makes me feel at peace.

Prince was (and frankly still is because I cannot accept that he is gone) one of my favorite singers. His voice was full of magic for me, I didn’t have to know all of the words to his music for me to listen to him and fall in love. And his style? I was never one for flashy outfits, jewelry or headscarves but when he wore it? I could swear it never looked better on anyone else but him. His entire energy was just overwhelming to me. He was an absolute pioneer of music for his time. I didn’t come around until the early 90s but by that time, he already made a name and a place for himself in this world. He was unapologetically Prince. He knew who he was and he never ashamed to be himself. When Warner Bros tried to take ownership of his name and his music, he fought back, changed his “name” and changed the game so he could play on his own terms. He didn’t let his gender, his body, his race define who he was as a musician. He was described at “Rocks greatest ever natural talent” and honestly, he far surpassed that. His voice was just absolutely incredibly, he didn’t need auto tune to fix any snafus because he didn’t have any. His raw talent is still what astounds me to this day. He played countless instruments, he even played almost all the music for his earlier albums. BY HIMSELF.

Prince was the best type of person. He found faith, clung to it. He donated money to help keep historical places open, he was a vegetarian. He made beautiful music. He was, all in all, the best. Words cannot due justice to this legend but I for one, know how blessed I am to have walked the same Earth at the same time that he did. My life has been shaped by his music, by his talent and by his life.

But life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last.*


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