Nothing like a lil bit of irrationality….

So, the other day I was driving down the interstate for a lunch date with mah M and my Low Tire Pressure light came on and I instantly felt the car shaking and I just knew that I was about to die in a fiery wreck after my car zoomed off the road, taking everyone with me and killing everyone.

  Well, I made it to lunch fairly unscathed which started my brain into thinking and listing all of my irrational fears I have about the world. Which, I have a lot and frankly, they are kinda embarrassing. I mean, I own up to all of them, but it’s a little shameful nonetheless.

Freddy Kruger. Yes, I realize that he’s a character in a movie or rather movies. Most of which were made before I was born. And somewhere down the line I heard he was based off of some creepy pedophile but that’s beside the point for me. He terrifies me to this day because of his M.O. He kills people in their freaking sleep! And I love to sleep! For some unknown reason, my oldest sister made me watch one of the earlier films when I was younger and pretty much scarred me for the rest of my life. Thanks Manda! You’re the best!

Driving by a semi… I know this sounds cliché but my fear spawns from something else. I don’t mind getting closed in on the interstate by semis, that’s whatever to me. You can put one on each side of me and it’s not a big deal. No, instead my fear is this, I hate driving right next to them because I am terrified that my tire will get too close to their tire and their poky bolts (or whatever they are) that are on there will puncture my tire and I will be sent careening off the road into an untimely death on my part.

Cotton balls.I hate these. I loathe these. If I could gather raw cotton up and burn it all, I would. Yes, I realize that the clothes that are currently covering my body are made up of cotton. The bed sheets that I slumber upon are also made of cotton. And that’s okay with me, I hate raw cotton. Or cotton balls. They disgust me. Just looking at them make my teeth itch and my skin crawl.

Witnessing someone throw a cigarette butt out in front of me while I am driving. Again, I know I sound like a weirdo but hear me out. I always panic when I see someone ahead of me flick their cigarette out the window and I see those death sticks colliding with the asphalt and the little embers just going up and all I can think about is the fact that in like 2.3 seconds my car is going to drive over it and somehow I’ll have a gas leak and then my whole car will blow up and there will be pieces of me flying every where and my poor family will have to put me back together like a puzzle.

Falling asleep at night with the lights on. Let me explain this one, because I realize how weird it might sound. There have been numerous occasions where I have fallen asleep at like 10 or so at night, just kinda tipped myself over on my bed (or floor) and closed my eyes for just a second and woken up like 3 hours later staring at the bright light on the fan and I get so scared that I cannot breathe. I don’t know what it is about it but it just pure terrifies me. Its almost like I am just startled and then my heart is beating super hard in my chest and I can’t catch my breath and it is a downhill battle.

Rocking Horses. I hate/loathe/detest rocking horses. I refuse to have one in my home. I don’t have kids either so that’s also a reason why I don’t have one…. but still. I hate these things. I feel like there were all handcrafted by Satan down in Lava Land. I don’t like looking at them in real life and if I’m ever watching a movie where one shows up, I cover my eyeballs and look away. These things creep me the F out. I absolutely hate these things.

These are some of the worst fears I have and while I realize that none of these are (probably) going to kill me, they terrify me nonetheless.  What are your fears?


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