Cardio is hardio and an update on my life

How ya doing? It’s been a while since we last got together, hasn’t it? Like 2 weeks? I’m sorry, I get so busy I forget that I have 4 people that actually read my blurbs. I will try to do  better. I pinky promise.

Now that we have the formalities outta the way, let’s get physical. Wait, that’s not right… let’s talk about physical stuff like the gym and running.

Still hate it. Still sucks. I am still going so that should count for something, right? I have completed 3 (count em suckas), 3 weeks of Cardi-Is-Hardio {Thanks mandals} classes and I have many more in my future. Let me give you a “run down” of how these classes actually run, fast and sweaty. Yeah, that’s what they entail. I swear the instructor has got to be a robot or an alien or something cause there is no way a human should be able to move that fast and not break a sweat. It is unreal. We start with a few minutes of warm up and then a whole lotta moving and grooving and sweating (mostly from me) and some more moving and lifting and jumping and crying (again, all me) and then we “cool” down. It’s an hour of pure hell. But I like it.

Every time I look in the mirror I get to see how much more muscle is on my legs then before. They are easily my favorite part of my body. And let me add, I have ugly legs. I don’t say that for sympathy either, they are really ugly. I have a scar the size of a quarter on my right kneecap that is bright pink, and a weird squiggly looking scar/bruise thing going on on my left shin. I have plenty more scars, but when you do a lookie-loo of my leggies, that’s what you first see. And I HATE it. I hate the way my legs will never look pretty in a skirt or a dress anymore. I hate that every time I look down I am reminded that I almost died in my accident, and I hate how my legs are always discolored. I bruise extremely easy and the bruises will stay for months, so I always look worse for the wear. But now, every time I glance down, I see how strong my legs actually are. They have carried me for the past 23 years, and will continue to do so until Jesus calls me home.

I see a little bit of definition in my arms when I lift weights and that’s kinda nice. I wish I could tell you that I had a change of heart and now I love the gym and I eat super healthy and I dropped 15 pounds in 2 months but that would be a damn lie. Truthfully, when the alarm goes off every morning I get so angry, and I question my life choices and I try and talk myself into pulling the covers back over my head and sleeping for another hour. But I get up and put my shoes on and walk out the door. I try to pump myself up in the car on the drive by listening to upbeat music like FOB, Imagine Dragons and Panic At The Disco. Okay, so they might not be what you would personally consider “upbeat” but they get my heart pumping.

Gym front; it’s going good. It’s going at least which is good for me.

Life wise; here is the fun stuff! My huzzy and I are still in the process of fixing up the house. I promise to do a post soon about all the fun projects we have done around el casa. Halloween is coming up (Count em, one, two {three, that’s a song…. look it up. The Maine is great} days) and my costume is ALMOST complete! I am so stinking excited! I will do a post about it! I kinda/semi made it so I am really proud!

MY BEST FRIEND COMES HOME IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS FROM HER MISSION TRIP!! So, be on the look out for a post about her grand adventures and her epic welcome back bash!

I think I about wrapped everything up for you. I do plan on being more prompt on my writing. If you guys have any ideas or future topics or questions for me, I would love to hear them. I want to have more “happy” followers!

Until next time!


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