I know you guys all love my punny blog names! Right? Maybe… I don’t care. Anyway, this weeks Gym Time Trauma includes… you guessed it…. Cardio boot-kicked my ass-camp class!

Dear Lord Sweet Baby Jesus Up In Heaven it was bad. It was hard. It was miserable. But I did it! Or at least a good portion of the hour long class; I did have to sit out a few times because I am lazy and out of shape and thought I was on my way to meet with Jesus more than once.

This class is no joke. Seriously, it was hard. For me at least. The teacher just bounced around the whole time with her peppy smile and hand clapping. She is amazing btw, she’s one of those instructors that, instead of telling you that your form is wrong and leave it at that, she’ll tell you how to fix it and make sure you understand before she walks away. Which is helpful for people like me who used to get their work outs from Seventeen Magazine and work out in front of the mirror in my bedroom at midnight cause I had no idea what I was actually doing.

This whole weight loss journey is exhausting and I so badly just want to quit. I want to sleep in until 6:30 everyday instead of getting up at 5 to be at the gym at 5:30 (or rather 5:45 cause that is how I do) and I want to eat greasy Hungry Howie’s pizza every day and not care. But I can’t at this point. I have seen what my body can do, and while it might take me a good 12 minutes to actually run/walk a mile and I can only lift baby dumbbells, it’s more than I could do a month ago. I don’t crave candy as much as I used too; don’t get me wrong, if you put sour patch kids in front of me they will get eaten. We haven’t bought any pop for our house in a really long time, we stick to milk and juices and of course water. We eat fairly healthy dinners as well, thankfully my Huzzy is a great cook and can whip up yummy healthy dishes.  I don’t eat fast food for lunch anymore every day. I have ate McDonalds and Sonic a few times but not as much as I previously had simply because it wasn’t worth it. After you put in an hour at the gym, eating greasy French Fries and chocolate shakes doesn’t mean as much. You basically just wasted that hour.

I have dropped about 3 pounds in the last week or so, I am down to 147.something. It isn’t much but it’s enough for me to see that I can do it. I can lose the weight if I try.

Thank you for everyone who has been following me on this trip, and for everyone who has given me kind words of encouragement! Sometimes that is all that keeps me going!


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