Music to my ears- Part II

Okay folks, it’s been about 3 weeks since the first installment and I know I said I would do these weekly but frankly, I lied.

Well since we got that outta the way, lets keep rolling.

This week’s spotlight is one of my top 5 bands that I adore, Paramore.

If you have never had the opportunity to listen to these people, stop what you are doing and do yourself a favor and listen to Misery Business or Last Hope. You can thank me later. 🙂

I was about 14 when I first stayed up late and witnessed the video for Misery Business and I was hooked on Hayley Williams.  Her hair was the perfect shade of orange, she had the coolest tights and I was in love. I know, it started off based on looks but her voice is absolute perfection. She can rock an acoustic song and sound like an angel or hit the high notes on a heart pumping track and make you feel like you could rob a bank and get away with it. Plus, she is a female and as a young female myself, she was basically everything that I wanted to be and everything that I could look up too.

Fast forward a few years and I am currently 23 and I still have a lady boner for her. I could literally write a 9 trillion word essay on what I love about her as a person, but this is about the music and the band so I will stick to that for you. First of all, the founding members are not all there, but the lyrics lived on.

When I started my obsession, the Farro brothers were still a big part of the group, they parted ways in 2010 but they kept on rocking. The sounds were tweaked a little, of course but what came after was still magical. Like I said before, Misery Business was the first song/ video I ever laid my little earballs and eyeballs on and I was instantly hooked. It was like, a piece of my soul found its way back into my chest and I knew what love was. Looking back now, I think that was the exact second that my love for “pop/punk/emo/feelings music” solidified and I knew that skinny jeans and lanky bangs in my eyes would forever be a part of me. Granted, Fall Out Boy was my first hit of music that wasn’t country or Elvis (which is what I was allowed to listen too) and that started the snowball effect.

I can basically remember everything that happened the day that I picked up their Riot album and I was insanely excited to go home and put it in my cd player! I was staying at my sister’s house for the weekend so I anxiously waited until Sunday night and it was a glorious feeling. I basically already knew all the words since I spent hours soaking in the cd jacket that came along with the disk and let me tell you what, I belted out those words like I owned the world. Obviously I couldn’t match the pipes of a certain young lady, but since my shower curtain was the only audience I had to worry about it was no biggie.

Brand New Eyes dropped in 2009; the sound was changed. It was more raw, honest. It cut you down to the bone. Where Riot was energetic and pumping, Brand New Eyes was sorrowful and precious. I could listen to songs like “All I Wanted” and “Misguided Ghosts” and feel a pang in my chest. I could taste the metallic tang of hurt, I could feel it in my bones. It felt heavy in my lungs, but in the same hand it made it easier for me to breathe.

I actually just purchased the last album they dropped which is self titled, although I have been listening to their new music for a while now. My huzzy and I actually walked back down the isle too “Still into you” and before the actual ceremony, my bestie M and I blasted “Ain’t it fun” on the way over there, and it was fun. I have already listened to the whole album 90 times at least, and I even finished downloading the whole thing on my phone so any where I went, I could listen to those sick beats.

I am going to change this just a little this go around, I won’t list all of my favorites because I want to know what YOU like from them. I will however tell you that

  1. Hate To See Your Heart Break
  2. Playing God
  3. Misguided Ghosts
  4. (One of those) Crazy girls {Very 1950’s sounding}
  5. Grow Up
  6. Misery Business

are absolute gold.

That said, what are your fav songs from Paramore? Or your favorite band for that matter?


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