Music to your ears

As promised in an earlier installment of my perfect Unicorn blog, I wrote about starting a weekly/bi-weekly post about what I am listening to and loving at the moment! Because this is the first one, it’ll be a little rougher than the others I assume, it might take me a few times to hit a good stride so be patient. Or don’t, I can’t control your mood swings.

Without further ado…..

Mumford & Sons.

Let me just tell you about my love affair with these English babes; I love them. It’s insane. My dear friend A introduced me to their poetic lyrics and husky voices about 2/3 years ago and I fell head over heels for them. Yes, I had heard “I will wait” on the radio multiple times previously and it was okay, pretty music, pretty words. But I actually listened to Babel and Sign No More and it was like a piece of my soul reconnected with my body. I was hooked. I listened to them literally nonstop for about 6 months. I just kept swapping their cds back and fourth in my car, favoring Sigh No more because it was literal poetry paired with a banjo and come on , if that doesn’t change your life then you are hopeless my friend! Now, while I am at work I listen to their Pandora station and it fills my chest with so much happiness, it is unreal!

And then this year, Wilder Mind broke out and it was like they had pure outdone themselves and I have been in awe. I try to explain my love for them to people who have never listened/heard of them before and basically all I can say is, “DO IT!” Seriously, I love them. There is not a song I do not like, they are all perfect and hauntingly beautiful. My heart just overflows with emotions every time I listen to them. Like I previously stated, Sigh No More was my favorite out of the two albums before Wilder Mind dropped. Don’t get me wrong, I love Babel.

But my favorite songs on Sigh No More are….

  • White Blank Page- Seriously emotional on so many different levels. It basically sees your heart and rips it apart.
  • Awake My Soul- Gives me chills every time I hear it. These guys can harmonize so perfect it is unreal. This song is just absolutely gorgeous.
  • After The Storm- This is the ending track on Sigh No More and it is because of how perfect it wraps the album up. ‘There will come a day, you’ll see, with no more tears and love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears. Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.’

Babel now

  • Babel- Title track. You gotta hear the way he says “Babel” in the song and it’ll melt your bones I swear.
  • Lover’s Eyes- It’s just so pretty, dude. And heartbreaking.
  • Hopeless Wanderer- I have debated back and fourth and back and fourth about getting this song inked on my skin. I am like 97 trillion percent it’ll happen. This song fills my chest up with so much hope for my life, I hear it and I feel like I can get my shit together. Maybe.
  • Below My Feet- Again, it’s literally the way they sing. I am telling you, listen and you will fall in love.

Wilder Mind (My newest addiction)

I basically love every single song on this album. I have been listening to a lot of this lately. It helps keep  my brain in check.

  • Believe- I got chills the first time I heard this. It’s just so, powerful.
  • Wilder Mind- Title Track!!!! It also just makes my brain happy.
  • Just Smoke- The way he articulates some of his words is just pure magic. I swear to you.
  • Ditmas-This song just breaks my soul. But I love it so much for that reason.
  • Hot Gates- This song. These words. His voice.

Basically, go download every single song from them. Do you listen to Mumford?

Until Next Time!


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