I need my bikini body like yesterday

First of all, thank you for everything that read, liked and gave me wonderful words of cheer yesterday! I truly appreciate it!

Today is my second day at the gym. My arm, and shoulders are sore. My arms are so tired, I keep having to fling my right arm back onto my desk so I can type! My hips are a little tight, partially because I have a bum hip, also because my sister continuously told me, “Yes, you have to finish those squats! BE HAPPY YOU ARE DOING THEM WITHOUT WEIGHTS!” I want to eat junk food. I would literally cut off a strangers leg for a pepperoni pizza from Hungry Howie’s right now. I am already tired of eating almonds, Greek yogurt and healthy lunches. AND ALL THE WATER I AM SUPPOSED TO GUZZLE DOWN! I get it, I need to stay hydrated and I have always had an issue with not drinking enough of anything, I literally just forget. But you have to do it, or it’s all for no reason. And I get that, I am just having a hard time dealing with it.

All in all though, I have a love hate relationship with the gym. I hate waking up at 5, I hate lifting my baby weights, I hate running on a treadmill and having to yank my shorts down out of my lady regions but I especially hate the fact that I hate my body. I hate my chub rub, mainly when my thighs are a little poky from missing spots while I shave, that junk hurts. I despise having arms that jiggle and the fact that barely any of my clothes fit.

So, that said, I hate it. But I will continue to work at it.

I will keep you all posted, like I said yesterday, my posts might vary depending on how busy I am and how much progress I make. I do not want to have daily posts where all you hear about is how I ran a mile and lifted some weights, there is no fun in that! Thank you for keeping up with me! You guys will never know how much it means!


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