I already hate everything

So, with my re-evaluation of my life and my life goals from the last post I made, I decided I would make some changes in my life. Biggest change is….Weight Loss! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. And let me tell you, it is the WORST.

Thankfully my dear, sweet, angel of a sister is  something of a fitness junkie, so I texted her last week and told her that because of the Halloween costume that I am picking, I need to have a ripped bod by Halloween. So after she picked herself up off the floor from laughing, she texted me back and said she would work up a meal plan and fitness plan but NO MORE OREOS. And that my friends, broke my heart. I love Oreos. I once got like 20 packs of Oreos for my 16th birthday and I swear I ate every single one and it was glorious.

Anyway, Sundays are my designated grocery shopping days. My huzzy and I drive to town and spend an hour or so arguing about food down every single aisle. Oh and then again at the register over how much money we spent. It’s great. So, true to our normal routine we went to the store except this time we were ready. Why? Because,  we had a meal plan. That included foods that we don’t eat. Ever. Let me tell you how fun that was. But let me add though, neither of us eat really bad foods. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love Oreos, and Pizza Rolls, but for the most part we eat fairly healthy. We try not to keep pop in our fridge because Bobby can’t drink just one and then he ends up bouncing off the walls late into the night and I can’t handle it. So I don’t buy it. We stock pile milk and juice. WE LOVE MILK. We have to pace ourselves, but we can go through at least 2 gallons a week. We love it. Back to what I was saying, we spent roughly 150 yesterday on groceries, so needless to say, my angel Huzzy was a little stressed out.

He obliged to it all though, with semi-good spirits because he knew how important it was to me. I have never in my life been “Thin”, my body type is more, “12 year old boy with beer-gut” (let it be known however that I do not drink beer. I just have a little bit of a paunchy belly.) and because of that, I’ve always been extremely self conscience about my body. I have weird, creepy lanky fingers, thin wrists and then flabby arms. My tummy is a little more round then I would like and my chub rub on  my thighs are killing it dude.

NOT ANYMORE! I started a meal plan (my disgusting groceries I purchased will come in handy!) and a fitness routine, complete with my sister yelling at me at the gym to “GET OFF THAT WEIGHT BENCH AND LIFT SOMETHING!”

Why am I telling you this? Because I need YOU to hold me accountable for my life. The internet is a mean, dark scary place sometimes so I figured y’all could help keep me in check.

I can’t post my weight because I really don’t know what it is, but once I find out, I will be more then happy to let you know. So without further ado, I will be having weekly (or bi-weekly, it really depends on my time schedule) posts about my progress!

If you have any good tips, or recipes I would love to hear them!


8 thoughts on “I already hate everything

  1. I am currently losing weight with intermittent fasting. I simply skip breakfast each day and just eat a healthy lunch and dinner then go from 6:00 at night until 12:00 noon the next day without eating anything except water and tea. I feel more energetic and I am dropping pounds.


  2. You totally know you can do this! Love this post. “Chub rub” made me laugh! I’m a Brit so I’m gonna steal that phrase ☺. I too am on a similar journey. My tips? Move more, get a pic in your head of how you want to look, and work at it every day. I am by no means ‘done’ but I’m a hell of a lot closer than before. You can do this!

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    • Hahaha I’m glad you appreciated that!! It’s a thing! And it’s a terrible thing at that! But I do however appreciate the help!!! I’m thinking of making an inspiration board so I can actually see what I want!!! Good luck on your journey!! I do want to know how it goes! 😎

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