I have failed something miserably.

If, in the tiny slight chance that there is, you managed to read one of my first entries you might remember that I had made a very dainty list on what my goals for 2015 were. If you didn’t, first of all how dare you? and second, I copied them for you below. And because it is 8 months into the year, I figured I would share with you beautiful humans, just exactly where I have failed miserably at.

My “realistic goals”

  • Read more. I read every spare chance I get but I will make it work.
  • Sleep more. ^ That also applies, we will see how it evens out.
  • Listen to a new band or song at least once a week.
  • Delve deeper into the Word of God.
  • Work out consistently for more then just 2 weeks. If I make it to 3 I will be happy.
  • Be happier. Smile more. Stay calm.
  • Write at least 100 letters to my best friend who is leaving this weekend to go on an 11 month mission trip.
  • Call my Gramps at least once a month. He gets antsy if I call to often, apparently I talk too much?
  • Work harder at my marriage. That goes without an explanation.
  • Maybe graduate college finally? Maybe?
  • Get more tattoos. (Sorry Manda. I have to beat Mary.)
  • Finally, own every single Disney Princess movie. Ever. Or just Disney movies in general

What I have managed to accomplish…

  • Dude, I have actually read. A lot. And I am really happy with myself on that. I am actually planning on starting a weekly post about what I am reading/or loving at the moment. I am currently racing through The Scorch Trials right now and ohmahgoodness. It’s beyond amazing. So, checkity boom win for that one.
  • Sleep more…. This one is iffy. On one hand, I can sleep. But I wake up like a zillion times and have a hard time falling back asleep. And I wake up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekends now, because being an adult is the worst thing in the world. So, I dunno if I can put a checkity boom for the win here because on one hand, I do sleep. But on the other, I really don’t.
  • Music! Okay, I can throw a checkity boom win because of the great invention of http://www.Pandora.com. I listen to it at work and through said site, I discovered my love for Margot and The nuclear So & So’s. And rekindled my love of Mumford and 90’s country music. So great.
  • Bible study… Okay, let’s be honest. I did good for a while, even had a bible study text group with a friend. And then like everything else in my life I stopped. Why? Wish I could tell you. Do I need to rekindle that? Oh most certainly.
  • Exercise. Eggs for sides. If anything, I have gained more weight then I have taken off this year. I have eaten terrible drive through foods for at least 3 days a week every week. Am I proud? Nope. Am I a little chubby? Yup. Will it ever end? Eh. I lack so much discipline. I would like to get into working out. I want to be the kind of person who loves it, who brags to people, “Yeah, I put in 5 miles this morning.” One day.
  • Happiness. Ah, that one is tough one because I have really bad days and semi-okay days and a few great ones tossed in. I do however try to calm myself down once I get worked up about things. I have a short fuse.
  • I have implemented MaryCrushMondays for my Mary boo whose been away for forever, and I make sure I send her messages on WhatsApp a few times a week. Its hard to not have her here with me, but it is nice that she can be a click away.
  • I have talked to my Gramps like 2 times this year. And part of it has been my fault! Forgetting to call, forgetting to remember things like calling! It’s bad. But, he also apparently changed his number so I cannot get ahold of him.
  • My marriage. Oh what a whirlwind this has been. We have our ups and downs and side to sides every so often. Marriage is hard. EVEN if you’re the best of friends. It just is. Tempers flare and arguments break out. Its tough. I have worked on controlling my anger, I have some serious issues. And I have worked on thanking him more for what he does for me. He gets up pretty early 4 days a week and works at a back breaking job to help with bills. Its nice.
  • College. Oh college you tricky bastard. You expensive, tricky bastard. I am sadly not returning to school this fall, I am too poor. I will, hopefully, go back in the springtime and finish up!
  • TATTOOS FOR EVERYONE! Yes! I have managed to get 4 (?) tattoos this year. I don’t remember how many, but I know that I have more then what I started with!

So there you have it folks. The amazing Kaylie is a failure. But its okay, because I know I failed. And I know that I can get there finally. I can achieve my dreams one day, if I so chose too. And I kinda want too. If anyone has any tips however on losing weight or sticking to a plan, I need them. All of them.

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