Be still my heart

Growing up as a 90’s kid housed plenty of perks.

  1. Did you ever watch the old Cartoon Network? Obsessed with The Powerpuff Girl and Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  2. Harry Potter.
  3. Backstreet Boys? They sang their way into my heart. I didn’t matter that I was only 9, I was a good girl who needed a bad boy. I would also never play games with your heart Brian, I loved you too much.
  4. Leo DiCaprio. Yup. Heartthrob that he was, stole my heart in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape.” Which, if you have never watched that, it also starred another perfect hunk, Johnny Depp. That’s what’s up.
  5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with his long man-bob of course), Heath Ledger, Freddie Prinze Jr, Jared Leto and Joshua Jackson.

Anyway, the point of this list is to show that while Leo (and all of number 5) used to hold my heart back then (and still now, while The Great Gatsby movie was horrendous in my humble opinion, Leo’s face is still perfect) my celebrity crushes have evolved a wee bit. No longer does the shaggy, either I just woke up or I just don’t own a hairbrush, look go for me. Well, sometimes it does but for the most part, nah. No, I prefer the older, dapper looking man. You know, the men with the man beard. And the perfect non-smile, smile. And the “dad bod”. The ones who you just know would fall in love with you if they could just meet you once. Sometimes I even appreciate the longer hair as well (as long as you wash it!). Anyway, behold my new favorite celebrity crushes.

1. Chris Pratt/Adam Scott. Also known as Andy Dwyer and Ben Wyatt for me. Yes, I have jumped on the Pratt wagon and there is no looking back for me. I fell in love with his furry, chubby face when I started binge watching Parks And Rec a few years back. If you have never watched that show, get off of the internet and go watch it now. Chris Pratt is seriously one of my favorite actors ever. Not only is he absolutely hilarious, he is also super freaking attractive to me. Have you heard the amazing song “Girl Crush” from Little Big Town? I literally sing that about his wife Anna Faris. Not fair. And then there is Ben who is like the ultimate man nerd. I just, I love him! Plus, my last name is also Scott so if we ever got married, I would never have to change my name. He’s a total goofball. And as shallow as it sounds, he is super tall (granted, I am only 5’4 so basically everyone is taller than I am), has a super amazing man beard and he loves Game Of Thrones. Plus, I bet he smells super amazing.

2.  John Krasinski. Which is, Jim Halpert. Okay, I love The Office more than I love human interaction. And pizza. And I really love Jim. He is literally one of my favorite humans in the world. Yes, I realize that he is just a character on a show but have you watched The Office? Hands down, one of the greatest television shows that has ever been created. Jim’s character is the ultimate husband, worker and prankster. Almost every single favorite moment of The Office has something to do with Jim. Like “Mega-Desk” and when he wrapped Dwight’s desk up for Christmas. Or when he proposed to Pam in the pouring rain? Oh and cut his tie on their wedding day. I will never apologize for my unhealthy love for him

3. Eric Church. Also known as, my other soul mate. Have you heard him sing? Have you heard him sing “Wrecking Ball”? Okay? Enough said. But seriously, I love Eric Church. He is a phenomenal singer, he wears boss aviators and I like his face. I would give my left kidney to go see him sing.

4. * Andy Hurley. Also know as, my for real soul mate. I would bump Eric Church down a notch to see this guy. If you don’t know who he is, yet again, get off this site and google him. He is a sweet baby angel. I know he would really love me if he would answer my fan mail…….

* The list from my wonderful 30 days of writing asked for my top 3 celeb crushes but I gotta add Andy Hurley. I love him.

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