An ode to unrequited love,

Dear Boo Taylor,

I was young the first time I met you. You moved into the house that was diagonal from mine, it was blue. You had a pond in the back yard. I don’t remember just how old we were but we must have been just kids. We ended up being best friends. We caught turtles, played baseball, laid in the grass and talked about what we were going to do when we got older.

You were my first kiss, granted we were maybe 6 or 7, and knew nothing except the fact that my face would turn a cute shade of crimson if you leaned over and pecked my cheek real quick. When I was younger I thought we would grow up and get married even though I really had no idea what that would actually mean. I just assumed we would find a tree house somewhere and your mom would bring us grilled cheese sandwiches, Oreos and apple juice and we would have as many pet turtles and kitties as we could fit up there.

We spent so many hot summer afternoons playing tag out in the yard, climbing trees and throwing rocks into the pond. I bossed you around and you let me. My Gramps told me it was because you thought I was pretty, which grossed me out. You couldn’t think that! We were a team! Best friends! Boys were still semi-icky at that point, although you did manage to whittle your way into my heart. We would make forts out of blankets and couch cushions in your basement just so we could watch Disney movies in peace.

We used to have so much fun together. In my own little childlike mind I grew to love you. You were the epitome of my childhood happiness. You smelled exactly the same way the sun smelled on a perfect breezy summer day, the way the leaves smelled when you sat in the branches and ate the crabapples in front of your face. You were my best friend and then one day you moved and I never saw you again. I can’t even remember what your last name was. Thank you for making my childhood a magical and joyful place to be. Thank you for being my first love.

– Kayl

*In the continuous joy of 30 days full of writing, today was write about your first love. Taylor (Boo thankfully was not the kids name. Somehow in my child brain I decided that it was a perfect name for him. No idea why.) was my neighbor and my first of many best guy friends. He taught me how to climb a tree and also showed me how to pee on one as well….. I am not sure how he ended up talking me into urinating on said tree, but I most definitely remember being confused that he could pee standing up and I couldn’t. I was so jealous. Now I understand the difference….

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