When you thought you knew everything there was to know about me…

Turns out you don’t! Or, you might be one of the 3 people that actually know me very well and you just nod your head the whole way down the list and say to yourself, “Wow! So original!”

Assuming that you do the former and not the latter, here you go.

30 Facts about yoself.

  1. I am the youngest girl out of 3.
  2. When I was a wee little lassie, (is that the right terminology?) I wanted to be a scientist. And then a Lesbian stripper. My oldest sister informed me that that was the way to go, and naïve little Kaylie Bug trusted her sister so much. Until I went into second grade and told me teacher, who promptly put a stop to that. *I have no issue with lesbians OR strippers or people that double as both. It just wasn’t in the stars for me.*
  3.  Nowadays, I would like to finish my Psychology degree and start working for the FBI as a special agent. Big difference.
  4. Math is literally the reason that I haven’t obtained my A.A yet. It is the devil.
  5. If the FBI doesn’t work out, I make a pretty good burrito of sadness on the floor.
  6.  I love to write, and hopefully I am pretty good at it. Ya know, since I post wonderful “things” for you to read.
  7. I am a true northern girl who found her way into the south.
  8. The Ocean is definitely my happy place. I also appreciate a book store or my Gramp’s house.
  9. I love to read in my spare time. I keep at least 3 books in my car at all times in case of an emergency.
  10. Paintball is also a very important hobby of mine. My husband and I enjoy playing it at our house now.
  11. Fall Out Boy is literally my favorite band. They helped me make the transition from awkward teenage years into semi-adult by keeping me real.
  12. I listen to basically any kind of music though. My iTunes ranges from Patsy Cline to Nelly to Imagine Dragons to Foreigner to Fleetwood Mac.
  13. I have no human babies of my own; instead I prefer the company of my 4 legged furry ones. Remus, my lab/Pit baby angel. Barka, my sassy kitty side kick. And Ticktoculous, the red headed stepchild. JUST KIDDING! I love my Tick baby, she is also a kitty and she is a fireball.
  14. I legit ugly cried when I was 11 and didn’t receive my Hogwarts letter. Like, I was depressed for days. It’s still unfair to me.
  15. Harry Potter shaped my childhood. In a slight way I resembled Hermione Granger*.  I also had long, unmanageable wavy brown hair that did what it wanted. My face was (still is) always stuck in a book and yes, I am a know it all. I will never apologize for that though, because Hermione taught me that it was better to have friends that accepted your “charm and wit”  over your looks. Cleverness is forever, hotness typically fades. Unless you are Jessica Lange. *Book Hermione, not the perfection that is Emma Watson. Tragic, I know.*
  16. I can rap like 65% of Ride Wit Me. I am actually pretty impressed with myself when I do.
  17. I love Disney movies! The Little Mermaid was my top fave, closely followed by Beauty and The Beast. I have always had an obsession with Mermaids so that was a given. But books, long brown hair, slightly eccentric? See a theme here? Belle was where it’s at too.
  18. I love Ariel so much that I have a nice tattoo of her on my right arm. She’s basically perfect.
  19. The Office is hands freaking down my favorite show ever. The intro music is what I walked down the “grass” to at my wedding.
  20. Parks and Rec and Arrested Development are basically neck and neck in the love of shows for me as well.
  21. I am married. Just recently celebrated a year of martial bliss in May!
  22. I am about to become a home owner!!! (There will definitely be a blog post about that soon.)
  23. My best friend is currently serving missions in a different country, BUT WILL BE HOME IN 4 MONTHS!
  24. I have an uncomfortable amount of Serial Killer biographies and case files. I like to read those before bed.
  25. I have a hard time sleeping. Which is obviously no way linked to the late night readings I do…..
  26. My closest friends and I are known as “The Coven” to our husbands. It’s a pretty exclusive club.
  27. My sisters are the two people that I look up to the most. Neither one of them are the kinda ladies to take crap from other people. Plus, they cook really well. And I can’t, so I enjoy their kitchens.
  28. I have incredibly bad anxiety and it has taken me about 23 to accept that about my life.
  29. I have no idea how to wear make up, and I own an embarrassing amount of it.
  30. I have 12 tattoos currently and a nose ring. My dad likes to ask if I finally quit my job to join the circus yet.
  31.    Here is a freebie, when I was younger I thought there were little elves that lived inside of traffic lights to change the lights accordingly. And since I have yet to see the inside of a light, I chose to believe it still.

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