Almost Over

I managed to do something to shrink the little block of magic area that I type in, and I am not sure how? Also, I am not sure how that it related to my writing so, sorry?

Alright, today we gonna get sad all up in hur. “Write about something you miss.”

Grab the tissues and prepare for watershed.

I grew up in the beautiful state of Minnesota. And I moved down south when I was around 11. I miss my home state. I’ve only been back once, my sisters and I flew up and stayed with my uncle for about a week and it was perfect! We were up there in October and if you have never seen autumn in the Midwest, you are missing out! The air is so crisp, the colors are stunning coppers, pumpkin oranges and deep yellows. It’s beyond gorgeous. And the smell is everything that you think it should be. We went to the apple orchards, walked through a pumpkin field, lollygagged around The Mall Of America (which has changed quite a bit in the past 13 years BTW), oh and jumped in every single leaf pile that we could find. Northern leaves have this perfect crunch to them that leaves in the south just miss out on. So, not only do I miss the Midwest, I miss my whole family. I especially miss my uncle and my gramps.

From the time I was basically brought into this world, until we moved, my gramps were inseparable. We would literally spend all of our time together. When I was in kindergarten, he would pick me up from the bus stop every afternoon and we would go eat lunch (usually pizza) and just kill time until my sisters were out of school for the day. Every summer he watched us. We went to “the beach” and while my sisters splashed around in the man made lake, we would walk around on the track and just talk about whatever crossed our minds. He instilled my love of music (he used to play guitar until arthritis took its toll, then he went to piano), art (literally the best painter I know) and reading. He would take us to Barnes and Nobles when we were younger and buy us books. He also took my sisters and I to the mall and he would sit in the chairs by the escalators and watch us ride up and down and up and down and, well you get it. We would ride it for hours and he never complained. Because he’s basically an angel on earth. My gramps is the most important human in the world to me. He taught me to respect myself and always told me to stay away from boys cause they were “no good and icky!”gramps

Plainly put, I love that man. He helped mold me into the sassy, boisterous human lady that I am. It’s been about 2 years since I saw him and before that it had been close to 10 years. It breaks my heart every time I see a cute letter that he sent me, (he always decorates our names with pretty flowers) or a gorgeous painting that he crafted for me. It took me a few days to actually write this out because it made me incredibly upset. I love my Gramps. And dear God do I miss him.

On a completely unrelated subject, I fixed the text box! 😀

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