My very boring life

I was MIA this past weekend so I didn’t have a chance to write anything. And I stayed home yesterday from work, so I was obviously not going to do anything ‘work related” at my house. So, I’ll play catch up today for ya.

“Bullet point your day.”

And since its only 10:28 on this beautiful day, I haven’t done anything remotely interesting enough for you to want to read it. So you can hear about my day yesterday.

  • 5:42- woke up, pure sweating. Stomach rolling. Felt icky. Laid back down.
  • 6:20- actual alarm goes off. I lay there trying to figure out if I can brave going to work or not.
  • 7:03- no worky for me. Call in, hang up. Go back to bed.
  • 10:56- wake up to like 8 text message from people that I work with, my sisters and friends.
  • Get up, grab some crackers and a bottle of water. Let Remus out to roam the yard for a bit. Feed the kitties so they don’t claw my face off. Get remus back in the house. Lay down again.
  • realized I felt icky cause I hadn’t showered yet. Do so. Feel better.
  • cleaned the living room, packed up more of our things to put away in storage.
  • drive up to the store, under the guise of having to buy important stuff. Actually, nah I’m just bored.
  • go home. Clean kitchen.
  • make huge bowl of cereal for lunch and watch arrested development with Rem in the living room.
  • start putting away clothes in the bedroom.
  • huzzy comes home. Planned on cooking nice dinner, realized the only dish that sweet huzzy hasn’t packed is A PIZZA DISH. So, no nice dinner happens. Sorry.
  • Watched more arrested development. He falls asleep. I drive to friends house to pick up some shoes I ordered.
  • get home, he’s for real asleep. I curl up in the living room to read.
  • 9:30 lights out!

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