Movies 4 Daze

So, I had a good chunk of this penned out yesterday afternoon, and then my computer went cray, and yeah, totally lost it. So now I have to re-write what I had. 😦 But it’s okay, cause I love to write.

I think this is day 14? I actually looked yesterday (aren’t you proud!) and then with my computer going bonkers, I have no earthy clue. So, we will say that it’s 14. If not, whatevs. Yolo.

“Movies you can re watch!” {Or something close to that}

1. The Little Mermaid. I would be an idiot if I didn’t place this as numba 1. Why? I have Ariel tat on my arm. And it is BOSS AF! (For the more “conservative” group that reads my blogs, I apologize for the language. I get over exited.) But, the movie is as well. Not only does Ariel have like a banging voice, her BFF4LYFE is literally a Flounder, named Flounder, and there is a Jamaican Crab. That’s what’s up. Also, Prince Eric is smoking hot for being animated. All in all, there is a good message to the movie, stay curious about the world around you! And you make your own destiny. Now, becoming so enamored with someone you see on a boat is a different story, but whatevs. You go girl.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Legit one of my favorite movies of my life. When I was a wee bit younger, I had this movie on tape (all you new found folks grew up with DVDs but we had the magical tape!) and I watched it so much, I basically ruined it. My dad got me another one, and I did the same thing. Within a matter of months, tops. I LOVEEEE this movie. The songs are great, it’s hilarious and I one day plan on making 3 tiny humans and naming them Lock, Shock and Barrel.

3. Beauty and The Beast/Pocahontas. So, I am grouping them together for a reason. The leading ladies are straight thugs! Okay, not really thugs per say but they are pretty great. They were both ostracized for their ways of life, namely they people who they fell for. Neither love interest was particularly good for them. One was a beast, one was a “white man”, but they looked past their differences and fell in love. Plus, they both have awesome hair. I love them.

4. The Breakfast Club. Basically one of the greatest movies that I have ever seen. If you have not seen it, (Go Netflix it, or whatever you young folks do!) its about a group of teenagers who get stuck doing detention on a Saturday. At first, they have nothing in common (except the Princess and the Jock) but the longer they stay together, the more they realize that social status is just a thing. Down at our very cores, we are all the same. We all long for friendships, to feel welcome, to make our parents proud. It doesn’t matter if you are a basket case, a criminal, a brain, a princess or a jock; at your very being, you are the same. And it’s a beautiful thing. Also, those clothes? Gold. The music? Swag. The witty one liners that Bender comes up with? Perfection. As a side note, my lovely maid of honor wrote my speech in the Breakfast club style.

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The first speech I ever gave in my Public Speaking* class was Ferris’s opening. And it was gold people. GOLD! I have loved this movie for literally as long as I can remember. Granted, it came out before I was a twinkle in my mum’s eyeball, but it is perfect. Cameron reminds me so much of myself, it is unreal. I love him. And I love Ferris. And Rooney? Just watch it.

So, while I have a love list of movies that is like 90 trillion foot long, these are the ones I love the most. Also, the ones that I can think of offhand. Go fourth and watch them all. And then tell me how much you love them too!

*BTDUBS- Totally aced that class. I am a straight up baller thug when it comes to public speaking.

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