Day Something

So, I looked at the list but I didn’t look at the number. So, again, I have no idea what day this is. My bad. What I do know however is what my prompt is; “Write about something that you are excited for!”

Let’s see………

I ate pizza for lunch, so I am not excited about food anymore. I already got married, so that’s out. I have a pretty swag job, so again that’s not it……

Well, My huzzy and I are moving! About to become homeowners for the first time. So that is kinda exciting. And incredibly stressful as well. Because, we bid on a house, counter offered, accepted and now we wait. We wait for our loan to be finalized and we wait for the house to be appraised. And to know anything, really.

Regardless of if we are able to purchase this dream home, we will be moving no matter what. So, it’s an exciting situation anyway. Just super stressful.

You want to know what is not exciting though? Packing.

Anyway, moving is my exciting new!

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