Day whatever

So, I have no idea what number this is supposed to be. 10? 11? 15? Who knows? And I am too lazy to look. And then delete all of those words and re-do them. So no.

Any way today is “Name 5 Blessings”

I think. Again, I am too last to look so this is what you get anyway.

1. My Marriage. I have been blessed into the sweet love of matrimony for a little over a year now and what a ride it has been. It has not been perfect by any means whatsoever, but it has a nice steady walk to it. We dated for about 8 years prior to trying our literal knot (it’s hanging up in our living room) so I think we both knew what we were getting into before hand. I thankfully married a very selfless man. He makes sure that my happiness is top notch. We fuss, we fight, I throw things like pillows and shoes at him but at the end of the day, I get to snuggle up to that hunk of man. And I am happy.

2. My family. What can I say about my sisters that I have no already said? They are beautiful creatures that also moonlight as pains in the ass but they are worth it. My oldest sister even brought me breakfast at work the other day. So yeah, I am pretty blessed. I’m the baby in the family, and treated accordingly to that. Also, My father is the greatest man alive. Next to my Gramps. There will be a post dedicated to the two of them very soon.

3. My Fur-bies. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I love animals. And I love my animals. Remington, Barka and Tick-Tock-U-Lous. I love them so much. I can have the worst day of my life, and they will be there. Ready and willing to jump in my lap, claw my arms and give me kisses. And it is precious! There is something about the love of an animal that is just overwhelming.

4. My job. Seriously. I love it. And I am not just saying that so my boss will read this and give me a raise. I don’t even think he knows how to internet. I do, however, love my job. My boss is fantastic, my co-workers are hilarious. It’s a joy to walk in the doors every morning. Granted, it’s an even happier moment when I walk out in the afternoon but whatever.

5. My God. Yes, I am a Christian. I am not a perfect person by any means. But I serve a God that sees past all my flaws and says, “She is mine. I love her.” And if that isn’t a blessing in itself, I have no clue what is.

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