Oh yes, you are in for a treatie treat treat treattttttttt today.

Day 10-Write about something for which you feel very strongly.

Are you ready?

You sure?


Oh my goodness, absofruitly yes. I love pizza. I could seriously eat it every single day of my life.

“But Kayl, I bet if you worked in a place that made pizza you wouldn’t love it any more!”

WRONG-O! I did, and it only fueled my intense love for all things pepperoni-y, and cheesy, and crusty (well that sounds terrible). I ate it EVERY SINGLE SHIFT. And I loved it. And it loved my hips. But now, I no longer work there. Instead, I hung up my apron for good and in return, I work at a better place. But the love of pizza still remains. And my huzzy’s hatred for it grows every time I bring it home.

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