One week down

Well, today is the hardest day for me. Apparently I am supposed to only pick 10 of my favorite songs right now. And I’m sorry but I cant. Let’s just round it up to an odd 15. I do what I want.

1. I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me- Fall Out Boy. I used to listen to that song on repeat when I was younger. So perfect.

2. 27- Fall Out Boy. My birthday is the 27th so it’s like destiny they made this song. Also the first line, which I shall not repeat to you, is gold.

3. Always- Panic at the Disco. Seriously on of the most precious songs I have ever heard. Sweet Baby Lord, I love it.

4. Broadripple is Burning- Margot and the Nuclear So and so’s. I would love to sounds like a total hipster and say I listened to this song long before Pandora played the sweet melodies for my ears but that would be a lie. But this song is epic.

5. Sunday Best- Augustana. First of all, they are a precious band. And I am obsessed with them.

6. Gold on the Ceiling-The Black Keys. I actually have to give props to my huzzy for making me listen to this song. It is fabulous though.

7. Let It Be Me/ Trouble- Ray LaMontagne-.Okay, I kinda doubled up on this but I loveeeeeee both of those songs. He has the perfect raspy voice.

8. The Phoenix- Fall Out Boy. I would be an idiot if I didn’t include this song. “Put on your war paint” is actually inked on the back of my leg.

9. Walking After Midnight- Patsy Cline. Basically my childhood in a song.

10. Suspicious Minds- Elvis. My Father/Daughter dance song at my wedding! It was beautiful!

11. Skinny Love- Bon Iver. My, my, my, my, my, my, my my.

12. Springsteen-Eric Church. I have so many memories with this song. It is just, its so hauntingly perfect.

13. The Way We Talk- The Maine. First of all, have you listened to them? Cause they are perfect. Second, its perfect.

14. Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright. This is literally one of the songs I can listen to over and over again without taking a break.

15. Hopeless Wanderer- Mumford and Sons. I basically love every single Mumford song that exists but this is my absolute favorite song. Ever.

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