Numero six-o

Day 6 of this amazing writing challenge is kinda, super-duper fun!

“Five ways to win your heart <3)

You want to know what makes my soul happy? Here goes,

1. Be Chris Pratt. Which really means, make me laugh until I almost pee myself. Seriously, he is mah favorite actor. But he makes me laugh until my insides hurt and I feel like I should have 6 pack abs. He is the best. Anna Farris, you may have Chris Pratt, but I own all of Parks and Recreation, so who is the real winner?

2. Be a cat. Or a dog. Or a furry animal. And let me pet you. No joke. You could be like a scary cat, dog, chinchilla hybrid, but if you have fur and you let me pet you? I love you. No questions asked. *Bonus points if I can name you like Hubert Huffington the Twenty Third.*

3.  Own a library and let me live in it. While you supply all of the oreos and milk that my little heart desires. PleaseAndThankYou.

4. Buy me every single Disney Movie. Wait, can I just have the Princess ones for now? I really want Snow White. And Tangled. I promise I’m not that superficial. I just like to sit on the couch with someone and watch movies.

5. Listen to Fall Out Boy, enjoy Harry Potter and Love Lord of The Rings. Basically, do everything that my Huzzy does for me. Cause you know, I am kinda partial to him.

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