Far Away Places

Day 5 of this writing journey is, “5 places that you want to visit.”

I really can only pick 5? Okay, I guess 😦

1. Hogwarts. I don’t really think I need an explanation for that one.

2. California. Apparently there is a Gore Museum filled with all these creepy things from serial killers, murders, all that jazz. I asked my huzzy if we could visit and he promptly told me no. One day.

3. All of Europe. I don’t mean to be so broad but I literally cannot just pick one place over there.

4. Middle Earth. You are flat out lying to me if you try and say you don’t want to visit the Hobbit Holes and ride along side Legolas, shooting Orcs with your B.A bow and arrow.

5. I would really like to visit back home in Minnesota. If you have never been, it is beautiful. Especially in the fall. It is perfect.

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