Day 4 of my life writing

Well, I missed writing this weekend, I lost my list and couldn’t find it.

My bad.

Anyway, technically speaking, day 4 is “Someone who Inspires me.”

Well, I guess since I get to only pick one and I have 2 sisters, I will do the nice thing and not play favorites. Instead, I shall pick my bestie for the restie, Murrey.

If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you have heard (seen?) me write about her. She is phenomenal.

She is currently in Africa now. Month 6. 5 more long agonizing months, and I shall see her sweet, beautiful, tanned face. And I will Bay Watch slo mo run to her and all will be right within the world again.

I dunno what to say about her that I haven’t already. She is my best friend. She is my light in a dark, dank place. She makes me see the good in the world when all I want to gander at is the ugly graffiti. She tells me jokes when I just want to cry. She makes me look at situations realistically. She has spent the pat 6 months of 2 different continents, building homes and schools. Teaching people about the love of Christ. Being that light in the dark place for them.

Words cannot express the love I feel for this human. She is a truly beautiful person, inside and out. I cannot wait until these 11 months are over.

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