You know what really “grinds my gears?”

Whatever show that’s from, I don’t watch. But I couldn’t think of another name. Plus, it fits mah theme. Work with me, okay? 

Anyway, day 3! “What are 3 of your pet peeves?” We are going to get personal here. 

1. People. Yea, people make the top list. Sorry. That’s not to say that you, the sweet angel face reading this, irritate me. Not necessarily. It’s people in general. I don’t like crowds. And I don’t like mouth breathers. And I don’t like sweaty bodies. Especially, not in a crowd close to me. I don’t like making eye contact with people I don’t know, it freaks me out. I don’t like talking to strange people (STRANGER DANGER, see dad, I DID learn something!) when I don’t know their intentions. Which is my fault, since I watch far too many True Crime shows and read so many books about serial killers. People, they liter, and they lie, and they sometimes smell and take things that don’t belong to them. I dunno. It’s number one. 

2. Cotton. YES, I am aware that the cat t-shirt I am currently wearing is made from cotton. Yes. Yes I know that. So are my shorts, my undies and my socks. And everything else I have hanging up. It’s not the cotton after its worked with that bothers me, it’s the raw, fluffy balls of fake snow that make my skin crawl and make it so I cannot breath correctly. It goes so far as to cotton batting used for quilts, yeah, I’ll have a full fledge panic attack if I get too close to it. So. Gross. Can’t. Deal. If my cotton pillow gets a hole in the side, I can’t patch it up. Nope, time to take a trip to the store and buy me a new one and burn the old one, along with my hopes and dreams. 

3. Batman. Oh yes. I can write a WHOLE article as to why I do NOT appreciate Bruce Wayne. Let’s skim the top, shall we? He doesn’t have “super powers”. Yea, I know he was trained in the art of ninja kicking or whatever. And he’s super smart. And he’s obviously got a lot of money. But he wasn’t created from a spider bite, he didn’t come from another planet. He’s an orphan (sadly 😔) who has life skills. And he is NOT a super hero to me. He also has an incredibly annoying voice in my opinion, but that’s mostly when Christian Bale plays him. It makes my skin crawl with anger when I hear his raspy little, “I am the batman.” Catchphrase. Yeah, I’m pretty sure everyone in Gotham City is aware that a grown man in a black cap and bat ears is Batman. We don’t have to go over this. I personally prefer the beauty and radicalness that is none other than WonderWoman. And yes I am fully aware they had a relationship at one point. Everyone has at least one person they wish they could erase from that list, I chose to believe that is him. 

Anyway, those are my top 3 pet peeves on life. #nobatman 

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