Day 2 of Magic

Can we be super vain for a sec?

Yeah? Thanks for your permission! I appreciate it.

Day 2 is “Write something that someone told you about yourself that you will never forget”. So here it is.

Someone told me I was pretty.

I know, I know. Calm the calamity in yo mammity, not a big deal! Plus, don’t brag about your looks!!!!

#sorrynotsorry because *drumroll pleaseeeeeeeee* I am super self conscience about my looks. From my creepy long toes, to my too thick thighs to my chinchilla eyebrows. I am. Always have been, probably always will be. It’s a thing.

But once upon a time, when this princess was a tad bit younger and the world was a little kinder, a close friend of mine told me I was really pretty. And before you roll your eyeballs at me, no he was not hitting on me. “Girl, you just don’t know! He totally was!” Except he wasn’t cause

A. Homeboy is a gentleman and doesn’t flirt with anyone.

B. He said it was such sincerity, I could tell he truly meant it. In a non-Mr.-Steal-Ya-Girl way.

And what made it resonate so deeply with me was, it was one night at church. It had been a long day, my hormones were not kind to my face during my younger years, I had not quite mastered the art of two eyebrows and not one, no make up. Blatantly put, I was rocking a face that only my father could love, and my boyfriend at the time (now huzzy). Now let me say this, I know I am not an unattractive person. I know people think I am pretty. Occasionally I feel the same way. But it was the fact that he said it with the utmost sincerity that made my soul feel like it was on fire. He didn’t gain anything from telling me that.

That was at the very veryyyy least, 5 years ago. Five years later, I am still reflecting on that. You see, its not necessarily your face that makes you pretty, it’s your outlook. If you feel pretty, you look pretty. If you smile at the world, the world smiles right back at you. That is not to say that if you rock a sullen look, you are instantly ugly. Cause that is fo-sho not the case at all. If you feel good, you look good. Inner beauty trumps outer beauty any day. Plus, outer beauty is nice too…..

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