Faith, Trust, and an almost pixie cut

So, I snipped off mah hair. Well, technically I didn’t, a lovely lady did it for me. But that said, it’s gone.

If you know me even the slightest, you know that I am a restless person and I like to try different things. But cutting my hair is one of those things that gives me cold sweats and makes it hard to fall asleep at night. Why? Cause once it’s gone, it is gone. Bye Felicia. See ya later Alligator. Peace out Girl scout. Hit the road Jack. It’s gone. And that’s kinda scary. Especially because I have hoarder tendencies. Which is a whole other blog post in itself.

Back to where I was. I cut my hair. Pretty dang short. Not as short as I would like to go one day, but today is not that day. Not yet anyway. About 2 years ago I got in crazy inclination to snip snip my hair off. And back then, my hair was fairly long. Like goddess long, half way down my back with natural wave. Oh so nice. But, I got antsy one day and made an appointment. The day I sat in the chair I almost cried, but I sat there and told myself that I would tough it out. And as the hair hit the floor and I felt the buzzing on my neck from the trimmers I realized how excited I actually was. After I got out of the salon chair and looked in the mirror I almost cried. It was like looking at a whole new person. I felt like a whole new lady. I felt pretty. And glamorous and dainty and cute. It was crazy. All I did was take off a few inches and I was a new person. I started wearing different make up and more floral prints. I have always worn red lipstick and “grandma” prints but I did now with a renewed love of all things vintage. Why? No idea, but I did.

And now, I have pretty short hair. It will be a while before I can wrap my hands around enough hair to make a pretend ponytail. It’s all gone. And I catch myself looking into the mirror and thinking, “What in the world did you do?” But you know what? I love it. I feel more feminine with short hair. I feel like I could prance through open fields of wild flowers while simultaneously doing something super Bad Ass, but I cant think of anything so just insert your own idea of something cool.

Short hair is the bomb dot com.

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