I’m not that attractive, I just have a really great filter.

I am one of the thousands of humans who takes multiple “selfies”. All. The. Time. #sorrynotsorry ? Is that appropriate? I don’t care. 

Anyway, yeah. I take them. A lot. Mostly on my lunch break, in my car. Like a weirdo. But it’s true. And I’ll go through these phases where I’ll post at least 12 in one week and then none for a month. It’s weird, idk. If you flip through the pictures on my phone you’ll see tons of cat pictures (#notashamed), hilarious quotes/pictures I’ve taken off Pinterest, a few of me and my family/Huzzy/furbies. Oh, and tons of pictures of me. Why? Idk. 

Sometimes I feel like a Hottie McHotterson, so therefore I feel justified in taking hoards of photos and uploading them to social media. Other times, I still upload of course, but I feel a little… Awkward about it? Like, maybe just because my hair looks good one day out of the year, not everyone needs to see it? Where does it end? I’ve posted “pretty” pictures, “funny” pictures, “serious” pictures and I revel in the amount of likes I get. Cause isn’t that the point? Right? To get as many likes as possible on a photo? But, at the end of the day, where does that get us in life? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not harping on the selfie “queens and kings”, (you know who you are) cause like I said, I have #selfies4daze on my camera roll. But, what’s the point? I’m looking at you, child (okay, technically speaking you’re not a child but stick with it)  in her bikini in the middle of winter in your bathroom mirror (that you have clearly not washed since the previous spring). Whatcha doing? Showing off your assets right? 

In a world where, with just a few clicks I can share what I had for dinner, what I wore to work, how banging my hair looks, whatever, we tend to overshare. I’m guilty of it, too. 

It’s just, weird. Complete strangers (essentially) get a sneak peek into your lives everyday. Through your pictures, your posts. And we let them. We share everything imaginable. It’s kinda creepy, for lack of a better word, what you can see about a person online. I guess what I’m trying to say is, be careful. Or don’t. I mean, I’m not your parent. #yolo 


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