This one’s for you, Kid.

Yes, you. You know who you are. The kid in  the back.

The kid whose just a tad bit different than everyone. The one that marches to the beat from their headphones and not whatever the other kids dance too.

That’s right, you.

I know it’s difficult, being different you. I know you get frustrated more often than not with others who don’t understand you.

But its okay. I know, I’ve been there. I was there. I am there.

For the kid with the dye job, piercings, tattoos, ripped jeans with the band t’s that no one has heard off.

For the kids with the perfect hair, teeth, clothes, who are the ones who don’t know those bands.

For everyone, everywhere who feel like they don’t fit it. Trust me, you don’t fit in. And it’s a blessing.

I type talk quite often about how hard being an adult is. Trust me, its exhausting. But then again, so is being young.

You have the whole world at your tiny little childlike hands; close enough to grasp but still too far away to actually do anything.

And you get lied too constantly; “The world is kind, you can grow up to do whatever your little heart desires. Anything is possible.”

I am very sorry little one, the world is not a wish granting factory. I think we learned that from Gus Waters. The world is not kind, people are. The world is cold and cruel. It will rip your soul into a million pieces and darken your shine. It will shatter your brittle heart into shards of glass that you will cut your hands on while trying to piece It back together. Not everything is possible either. You will rarely grow up to do what you want, you will be stuck doing what you must to make ends meet. And you will find love, oh yes you will. But that is what hurts. You will find someone that fits the other part of your soul. And you will love with a love that is greater than anything that you have felt before. And either you will continue to love, or you won’t. There is never an in between. But, sometimes your love gets taken from you. And you are left alone and scared in this world, with nothing to comfort you except for late night infomercials about products you’ll never buy that make other people’s lives better. But never yours.

Yes, you see the world is harsh. But we lie to you at such a young age to make you feel better about what the world is about. We set you up for disaster all the time thinking we are helping. You never tell a dying person that all they have to look forward too is death, do you?

And you, you try so hard. But you are not made from the same mold as everyone else is, are you?  No. No you are not. You have a brittle soul already. You don’t know how to try and fit in, and you shouldn’t. The world doesn’t understand the ones that don’t care about the social norm. Normalcy isn’t even a real thing, I hope you understand that before you get too old.

I hope you keep your shine, little one. I hope you never get to the point where the world takes your light from your eyes. The world is such an ugly place, but your smile makes it better.

Just remember, its okay to be different. To not go along with what everyone else likes. To listen to your own soul and not the bray of the masses.

Lace up your converse kid, keep your eyes on the sun and you’ll make it.

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