Being an adult is hard. I already established this once. It is miserable and dumb and stupid and a pain in the ass at times. Who willingly gets up really freaking early, or late whatever, to go work somewhere upwards of 8 hours to basically pay bills? It’s cray cray.

But sometimes it’s nice. It’s rare, but there are some perks.

1. You can legit stay up as late as you want and no one can tell you otherwise. Although, it isn’t the greatest idea sometimes. Like when you have to work the next day, or wake up early. Or you want to be coherent the next day. But who cares, you do what you want.

2. You can eat what you want. Granted, there are far more healthier things to eat besides ice cream for dinner, or a whole bag of dill pickle chips. And maybe you’re eating frozen pizza for the 3rd night in a row, but it’s obviously cause you want too, not because you can’t afford anything else. Plus, you used to DREAM of this as a young lass or lad. Right?

3. You are allowed to wear pajammajams whenever you want. Even at walmart. Cause you are an adult. And you don’t always make good life choices. But you’re an adult, remember?

4. When you make a human you get the chance to name it. Whatever you want. Which is awesome. Unless you decide on Jamerica, or Brick or Lenord. Seriously, you’re setting your person up for failure. Just stop while you’re ahead.

So, it’s not a lot. But it’s a little happy in a dark place. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t grow up. If there are only 4 good things about it, clearly it’s a trap.


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