Tomorrow is Valentines day. It will be filled with proposals and flowers and hallmark cards and too much chocolate for anyone (but if you are like me you will justify eating all of it because its only once a year) and love.

Unless you don’t. And by that, I mean you don’t participate. Because you don’t want too. Or, whatever. You know the reason.

But you see, Love day, is one of my favorite holidays. Next to Halloween and my birthday. Because candy is involved. And it has ALWAYS been a favorite for me. I know it sounds cliché because I am a woman, but I pinky promise that’s not the reason. You see, I love Valentines day because I love the idea of a perfect-all-engulfing-overwhelming-passionately-beautiful love.

Maybe I need to blame it on my addiction of looking up sappy pintrest love quotes and watching movies like P.S I love you and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Let’s be honest, Jack and Sally are PERFECT) but I LOVE LOVE!

I love it between lovers (in the non-creepy way), and sisters and bffs and furbies (fur-babies). Really and truly, it makes me happy to see other people happy.

Every year for the past 10 years I have bought my bff, M, an over the top valentines gift.  Card, big box of chocolates (That I obviously had to help eat) and a balloon or teddy bear. Why? Because I could. And I wanted too. And this year is the first year that I can’t. She’s in Thailand right now.  And cannot accept mail from me. So, I admit. I ugly cried a little last night. Alone, in the dark with my kitty, Barka. And then I stuffed close to 20 bags full of diabetes-in-a-bag and drew on 5 mugs for my coworkers because I figured, If I can’t do it for M, I might as well do it for everyone else right?

So, congrats if your day is filled with flowers and rings and candy and cards and puppies and love.

And if its not, no one loves you the rest of the year, right?

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