Soulmates. We (or at least I) hear this word a lot. “Oh, he is my soul mate!” “She is my soul mate!” “Andy Hurley is my soulmate, he just doesn’t know it yet!” (Okay, that last one is something that I have been quoted with saying since I was 14. Google him.) But, soulmate is defined from the beautiful interweb (wiki) as, “a person whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity.”

Cue the cute little chunky cherub cheeks of the god of love zinging arrows where the should not be zung. Amiright?!?! I know, I usually am. Anyway, before I go off on a gloating rhapsody (you can thank for that) of my intellect, I shall compose myself and get back to what really matters. This post. Of soulmates.

I have many. I know, I know! You must be thinking, “Harlot! Lady of the Night!!! Where is your A on your chest?!?!” Hear me out though, I promise! It’ll start to make more sense. You see, I don’t think people have just one soulmate. I think they have legions (I just love that word!) of  them! Think about all the people that you love. All of them. And not just romantically. All of them. Your spouse, significant other, best friends, parents, siblings, uncles, cousins, aunts, fur-children. Now, that is a lot of people (and fur babies) right? (If not, that’s cool too. I’m sure you love something.)   Anyway, you love them right? *Insert chorus of everyone going “duhhhhh!”*

So, what is to say that they’re not soulmates for you, too? You see, in my mind, my huzzy, my family and my closest friends (and my fur-bies) all have tiny parts of my soul. That’s why I love them. Some of  them bring out my humor, my heart, my hard work, my love. All the best qualities of me. And sometimes the worst  too, but hey, I am only human. The reasons why I love them is because of all of those things they do for me! My huzzy brings out my kind, loving side. It might not be often, but it happens. My sisters bring out my humor, together we are a force to be reckoned with. My dad has, on occasion, snuck away from us because we get “too rowdy.” They also bring out a jealous streak, a determined streak and usually food. Which is not a character trait, but it is usually there. My close friends bring out my love, my anger and happiness. I have the cubano, the ginger, and the missionary as my sisters from another mister. All of those people hold small pieces of my soul, and I hold chunks of theirs in my own.

A soulmate doesn’t have to buy you chocolate on valentines day, or bring you flowers, or live with you. A soulmate is just another person who you love and would do anything for and that’s what my soulmates do. So yeah, I have a few. Do you?

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