Get ready, I am about to shatter your heart.

Okay, maybe just mine but still. Friday night, my best friend spent the night with me (and my huzzy. Although it isn’t as weird as it sounds, they have been friends since they were children and then I came along). We made ham and cheese biscuits, played 5 billion games of Clue and Trouble. We stayed up late and watched half of The Fault In Our Stars, (it’s kinda our thing) and finished it Saturday morning and I ugly cried. I couldn’t help it. We chucked paint at each other Saturday morning also, as a farewell to each other. And after she left I ugly cried {again}  in the shower.  You see, she is my best friend. And she left yesterday to go on an 11 month missionary trip. I won’t see her again until sometime this November. And my heart is broken.

We have known each other since I moved to the not so sunny state of Florida when I was 11. I am 22 now. We did not start off as friends either. We were not really anything, I don’t even know if we had classes together until about 8th grade. I wormed my way into her group of friends and I stayed there. Eventually we became bff4lyfe. too. We even went through that angsty teenage phase that everyone seems to go through. We went to church together and hung out most weekends. When my now huzzy, then boyfriend and I celebrated 4 years together, she made us cookies to celebrate (which were shaped like dinosaurs. #winning). I still have the majority of the notes that we passed back and fourth in our classes. I even have all of the unflattering photos of us that we ever took. (They got SO much better with age.) She was my matron of honor in my wedding.

Like I said before, she’s gone now. And my heart is a little broken. You see, she is my best friend. I have two sisters, thankfully, who I love very dearly but Mary was my sister from another Mister. Only because  I know our parents would NOT have been able to handle us, my sisters barely can. They get homicidal when we go to movies together because she laughs like a man (usually during the worst times  to laugh) and I, like a hyena. We just cannot help it. We have matching BFF Deathly Hallows tattoos that we got for my 21st birthday. She was with me for most of my tattoos, as I was with her. That was just our thing.

Ya see, the whole point of this post is to help me deal with my best friend leaving the country for almost a year. But it is also to say, my best friend is better than yours. #sorrynotsorry

So, until we see each other again, I will keep your grandpa sweater warm, your books well read and I promise to watch tfios at least 30 times. (Sorry Bobby) Okay?

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